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  • On The Range
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  • Billings
  • Invested: 3.46%
  • Total Invested: $3,325.91
  • Property Limit: $96,000.00
  • Home Avenue
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  • Billings
  • Invested: 0.32%
  • Total Invested: $400.00
  • Property Limit: $124,000.00
  • Grassrange
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  • Invested: 0.36%
  • Total Invested: $416.12
  • Property Limit: $116,000.00

Start with as little as $25

Start Investing

$25 Minimum

We offer a minimum investment of $25 per property offered through our platform.

12-month minimum

Our minimum investment period is 12 months. After your initial investment period, you may utilize our in-house buyback program where we will buy back your securities at your initial principal investment.

In-house buyback program

With our in-house buyback program, you can sell us back your securities at what you paid for them. Ie: if you bought in for $100,000, we will buy it back for $100,000. You keep everything you made during the lifetime of your investment with us.

ROI over IRR

We calculate our returns using very basic return on investment. We do not utilize speculative calculations like internal rate of return. We try to stabilize your investment as much as we are able.

Gains paid monthly

Any positive returns you make will be deposited into your account monthly. You can leave these to accumulate, request a distribution or reinvest your returns once your account reaches $25.

No initial escrow period. You are invested as soon as you click invest

Our properties have already been purchased and are already rented. As long as our tenants are paying rent and we have no large expenses, you will see a monthly return.

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