Benefits of C.K. Mack

C.K. Mack is proud to introduce a new way to invest.

Provide you passive net rental returns without the typical risks of direct real estate ownership

Allow you to diversify your real estate investments with a $25 minimum investment per property

Enjoy monthly distributions of your share in the net rental income to your personal dashboard

Let us know when you're ready to divest and we will buy your investment back from you.

Ready For Your Investment

C.K. Mack starts with the acquisition process. Our team uses specific criteria for buying properties below fair market value. Assets that meet the criteria are analyzed for their net cash flow and ROI to investors. If they meet the performance metrics, our acquisition team will acquire the property, rehab it to rent ready condition, and then qualify tenants through our refined screening process. The last step is listing it on our system. That means that all of the properties you see online are rented and ready for your investment!

We handle everything

Tenants pay their rent at the beginning of the month. The property management team collects the rent and subtracts escrows for repairs, management, insurance, taxes and the other expenses required for a rental property. The remaining balance is referred to as the net rent share. The net rent share is than paid out to the investor as securities based on their investment amount for each invested property.

Receive your share

Net Rent Share Securities offer a superior opportunity to invest in real estate. All the properties featured on C.K. Mack are historically performing assets. Net Rent Share Securities offer the net income provided by rented real estate to investors based on their investment amount.

How it Works

C.K. Mack is proud to introduce a new way to invest. All across the country rent is due on the first day of every month. Now, you are able to invest in the cash flow from those already performing assets!

C.K. Mack buys rental property

Rent costs = taxes, insurance, fees, etc..

cash flow shares

invests in real securities = monthly income