Frequently Asked Questions



During our beta period we are offering investments to accredited and institutional investors. Follow this link for the definition: For those of you that aren't accredited, C.K. Mack is pursuing a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission that will allow a wider range of investors to invest.
C.K. Mack initially limit each user to a $1,000 maximum investment until we verify that you are accredited. We do this to ensure that we remain compliant with all SEC rules and regulations. Once we verify your accredited status, we do not limit your investment. The SEC does have personal limits as to how much you may invest, we recommend that you speak with your accountant to find out what your personal limit is.
Sign up today for a C.K. Mack investment account. You will find our "Join Now" button on the upper right hand side of this page.
Investors do not pay any direct fees to C.K. Mack. We take a 5% fee from monthly rent along with an acquisition fee for each property we place on our site for investment.
Due to SEC regulations, C.K. Mack requires that all investors have their money invested for at least 12 months.
Investments offered by C.K. Mack are classified as "at risk investments" due to the fact that they are not FDIC insured, we do not guarantee any returns, nor are they guaranteed by any bank or other financial institution. As with similar investment products, should conditions change an investor may lose some or all of their investment. We are required by SEC Federal Regulations to notify you of this risk.

Account & Payments

C.K. Mack does not guarantee principle or cash flow payments. While we take every precaution to insure the stability of your investment, all investments are subject to risk and we recommend that you do not invest any more than you can afford to lose.
We operate under the JOBS Act provision allowing advertising to accredited investors. C.K. Mack is working to meet SEC filing requirements to open up investments to everyone. A significant requirement for an SEC filing is audited financial informational. C.K. Mack financial information will be audited regularly in order to comply with SEC filing rules.
$25. In an effort to open up the investment world to everyone, we put a low minimum on our initial investment.
a. Wire Transfer
b. Check
c. Direct Deposit to Stockman Bank
Every month that we have a net positive return, we deposit any gains into your online account. From there,they are available for you to re-invest or request back to you via check or wire transfer.
We do not guarantee returns. However, when we do have a net positive return, we deposit any gains into your C.K. Mack account. Rent is input on the 3rd day of the following month after all costs have been deducted to determine the net return.
We have set up a unique investment system where we do not require the property to be fully funded. If the property has a net positive month, you will typically see your return on the 3rd day of the following month.

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